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Language Laboratory

Speaking good English has become a vital part for students to compete with the present scenario glocally. Business industries and corporate houses are looking out for smart, young, and dynamic engineers in this era of Information Technology. Hence communicating and speaking in English has become mandatory and one of the best ways to converse with people across the globe. “Communication is more than a vehicle for transmitting what we know –it also affects what we know.” Therefore, in the present age, an engineer trained in one country works in another country with different cultures and, the word “location” has lost its meaning. Many jobs are just like a mouse-click away from anywhere. Engineering and engineering practices are considerably different from the past and the situation will be even more different in the years to come when engineering education must be broad based with excellent communication skills that cross disciplines, cultures, and languages. Therefore, the objective of the language laboratory is to enable students to adapt to various situations and experience interactive environment through learning and understanding the international language. The Language Laboratory has taken up the challenging job and aims at encouraging students through creative and innovative methods of activities like group discussions, mock interviews, role plays, teaching phonetics, and also oral presentations.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art teaching aids¾updated by STEP, IIT-Kharagpur¾Language Laboratory of the Department can claim to be one of the best in the country. Round the clock care is taken by the Department to maintain the Laboratory and make its facilities accessible to students. Students go through intensive practice of LRSW skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing) which help them to enhance their oral, aural, interpersonal, business and technical communication skills under the tutelage of their highly motivating teacher Ms. Srima Nandi along with her dedicated team of the Humanities Department including Ms. Jhulan Debnath. The course offered by the Laboratory includes the study of phonetics which augments the pronunciation ability of the students, and enables them to understand the intonation and stress on the words and sentences they read. The Laboratory also focuses on the creativity of the students and encourages innovative ideas and thoughts through activities such as Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Role Plays, Oral Presentations, and Project Works. Through such activities, the leadership qualities, team work, spirit of acknowledging others’ talents and other such noble traits are instilled in students for their overall development. The Department promotes teaching beyond the syllabus and encourages students to do their project work beyond the stipulated time schedule.

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